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The Rring -हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

The Aeroboard was not as fast as the imagination, so it took some time to reach the places.
That it did not touch the ground but floated a feet above, gave the advantage of moving much faster than just walking.
For walking such a distance would take so much time that the motivation to reach itself would die considering the increasing impatience with slower modes of transport.
The distance also would appear so much, only to allow the imagination to work its way, in constructing what was desired to be reached.

The city seemed far, but the distance melted due to the speed reached by the Aeroboard.
The rocky desert stretched far enough for the heat to work its way through me.
The heat became tolerable only due to the wind speed generated by the Aeroboard.
The desire was to reach the city skyline but not enter it, so the Aeroboard stopped accordingly.
The aeroboard understood my contemplation and squared off my desire with it to arrive at the perfect place of tranquility.

from here, where?

and then i saw the rains coming to the forests in the distance which kindled the desire to see the downpour on the trees.
The aeroboard sped towards the treeline. the desire was not to get soaked, so the Aeroboard stopped only to jump up high into the clouds - which was what the desire was.

The sea of cotton clouds hid a rainbow beneath and the wish to get a shower increased, thereby lowering the Aeroboard under the clouds for a brief moment till I saw a sunlit garden of flowers.
While the clouds did not disappear, the opening in them, made the Aeroboard lead me to the garden where the trees rose humongously into the sky, reached perhaps only by a Brontosaurus.

The Aeroboard learnt to stay still, for me to hear the chirps of the various birds feeding their children in the trees, when a roar aroused fear, and the birds flew in fright arriving at the tree again after a doing circle. the Aeroboard too rose in height carrying me with it to ward of any danger. It reflected the caution in me though there was no fear.

Interestingly there were no people around. did that reflect my desire too?
I also did not see any cars or people in the city. That was strange!
and this was a truly fantastic world.

That said, a faint ring was heard in the distance. the slight sound grew louder - slowly reaching a level causing pain in the ear and an, abhorrence intolerable. The Aeroboard suddenly disappeared and the only thing that could be heard was a loud Rring.

The "Aeroboard" video game was programmed to end the immersive reality with a "Rring" to push the gamer out into the real world. Anything greater than 10mins would make the gamer irrecoverably lost to the other world. Physical death though, had never been reported. That the gamer's conciousness played in the other world while his body rested in deep sleep was something to research about. Better ways to get the consciousness associated back with the body were being studied. Meanwhile, the 10 min immersive reality game "Aeroboard" was becoming a hit and a new source of revenue for entertainment giants.

-हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

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