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Dead -देवसुत

Ram Kishan Sharma was a typical example of a poor teacher.

Underpaid and exploited by the school management with work overload but at the same time, his name and great qualifications used by the same management to enhance the name of the school to garner more fees from the next batch of students.

Ram Kishan Sharma was poor, not because of his incapacity of thought or work, but simply because he pardoned many who trampled over his aspirations, and did not take offence when someone just usurped his achievements and put his own name on it.

Ram Kishan Sharma was a typical nice guy, as well as a great teacher - to his students who just adored him, for his teaching of complex concepts would be done in a most simple way. That he was popular with his students, gave another reason to raise the fee by the school management.

It was a great hypocrisy to see plays conducted on great people by the students, encouraged by the management, during the annual day event every year. People such as Radhakrishna, Sir M. Vishweshawariah, who worked selflessly for India would be routinely portrayed, whereas living greats, such as Ram Kishan Sharma, who lived in their midst, alive and kicking, were exploited and unrecognized.

It was only many years later, that came as a surprise, that there was a play depicting Ram Kishan Sharma as a great teacher, at the school's annual day, by one of his students, who had now grown up enough to recognize the contributions to his life by his teachers. The play ended with a huge applause for the performing group and a citation by the same principal who had very well known Ram Kishan Sharma.

Why did it take such a long time to know Ram Kishan Sharma?

On inquiry it was found that, quite some time back, he left his quite easily curable Tuberculosis, untreated due to poor financial conditions. He was now - Dead.


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