Friday, 18 November 2016

On natives and complacency -हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

The problem with having a lot resources, is that it makes you complacent. At the same time, makes the neighbour or an outsider covet your assets to the extent of jealousy, thereby causing a conflict in which complacency must be replaced with caution and alertness, and sometimes to the extent of taking reactively violent measures to continue to keep ownership of the resources.

If you (the native) continue to be complacent amid the growing threats of which you may be blissfully unaware, then the consequences would lead to the loss of these resources to outsider hands.

This same paradigm, when seen at an individual level, leads to a society where crab eats crab.

When seen at a collective level (akin to a state within a nation), leads to the natives losing control over their resources to non-natives who migrate from neighbouring areas, causing a reactive violence by the natives against the so-called outsiders.

When seen at a level of a nation, leads to other nations taking political control of the resources by the use of companies and using the "individual corrupt" to keep control over the resources and de-empowering the natives by introducing unjustifiable laws, citing which, the control is maintained over a long period of time - which then causes a reactive violence, called a "freedom" movement in this context.

The root cause is, however, the complacency built in the natives, which leads the outside perception of weakness and emboldens the outsiders to usurp the resources. If this complacency is done away with, then a natural barrier to outsider invasion is formed and the consequent problems over the decades is avoided.

To remove such complacency, it is important to understand this cause and effect relationship and educate ourselves to the root causes of war and peace.

Peace should not mean complacency and war must only be with the earth shattering negative forces that make all humankind regress, since a unity of ALL the other forces is essential to curb the dark forces. Without this unity, darkness will prevail.

-हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

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