Saturday, 3 September 2016

Happy Holi -Dr. B. Devadas Acharya

Dear All,

See (in the attachment) me in HOLI colors...!!! 
It's a photograph (through a mirror) I took this morning from my mobile...!!!

I wish you and your family a 


I may vanish 
From this world
In just one tick
Of eternity, 
Thou shalt see,
That's natural.
But, I shall
Enjoy forever
My colorful
In your hearts
As long as they 
Are throbbing!
I shalt then
Awaken in you
A thought
That giveth
A new idea,
To make you
An immrotal
If you shalt
Care to flip
Its wings
To flutter
And make it
Fly free
From you
In the world
Of knowledge
That would
Signal glow
And glitter
Of brand 
New knowledge!
New horizons
Shalt thus
Emerge ever 
For all to 
See with glee,
Fleeting glam 
And wonderment!
My soul shalt
Then briskly
Be hovering
Around you,
Waltzing in
Steps with you,
To join you in
That ecstatic
Every time
That shalt
Occur, with
Lots of hue,
Song and dance,
Splashed with
Frenzy, frolic,
Freaky Fame 
And Fantasy
All in one tune,
Rhyme and rhythm!
With lots of colorful love and greetings for a VERY HAPPY HOLI, I remain
yours as ever,
Belmannu Devadas Acharya

Editor's Note:
We could not separate the poem from the text of the message without losing meaning and context.
So here the poem is presented, in its complete form - together with the context and the colorful letters.

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